Name: 猪澤海 Izawa Umi

Nick name: Umi
Qualification: PADI Instructor, 1級船舶資格


初次見面。我出生於昭和63年,今年27歲。我叫豬澤海。大家都叫我Umi。對外國的朋友而言Umi有點不好念,叫我Kai就可以了。喜歡的潛水地點是一之瀨洞窟。喜歡的生物是河豚、海蛞蝓、還有鯨鯊。因為我是宮古島出身的,對於宮古島有興趣的話不管甚麼都可以問喔! 請大家多多指教!!
Nice to meet you! I was born at 1988. Now 27 years old. My name is Izawa Umi. Usually people call me Umi. For people from abroad the pronunciation of “Umi” may be a little difficult, so it is okay to call me “Kai”. My favorite diving spot is Itinose Hole, and my favorite creature are fugu fish, sea slugs, and whale sharks. I was born at Miykojima, so if you are curious about Miyakojima, any question is welcome. Have a nice day!


Name: 佐藤慎一郎 Satou Sinichirou

Nick name: ウオーリー
Hobby: Photographing、free diving、Surfing、board skating


People often ask me if I am half-blooded, but I am normal Japanese.  My nick name is Uo-Ri-. I am good at free diving. Sea turtles are my favorite animal!


Name: 蔵野宏大


Name: 孫嘉熙